Common land enclosed by a wall to make a park for hunting animals

Wall – the enclosure of the common

Golden stones in the wall

Park Game 1 & 2 – hatchments

Landshapes – in mud

Breakthrough – reclaiming the common

This series of screenprints is based on a reproduction of an eighteenth century drawing which shows the vicar of Richmond leading his parishioners to break through the wall into Richmond Park.  This was previously common land, but had been enclosed as a park for hunting deer by the aristocracy.  The local people were now reclaiming the common.

These prints are the result of a series of reproductions, starting from the original line drawing, then photography, half-tone screening, and black and white off-set litho printing in a book.  Then followed digital scanning, digital manipulation, enlargement,  and finally screen-printing in colours, including gold ink and mud.  The prints expose the distortions of the image which have been created by the multiple modes of reproduction.